This conceptual photographic exhibit was created for the Studio & Third Annual Group Show that took place Saturday, July 21 in Durango, Colorado.  My participation in the show consisted of sixteen 14” x 14” framed and matted Quick Response (QR) Codes linked to the photographs here.  



Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by technology and photography - how they intersect and their continuing dependence on each other encourages countless possibilities for pushing the boundaries between the two into new ways of creating and presenting art.  This project is a convergence of technology and art and another way to experience it - in using quick response (QR) codes linked to corresponding photographs, viewers are invited to join the conversation with their smart phone or camera equipped tablet computers.  

This is an intentionally an intimate show; if you don’t have a smartphone, or have one and see someone without one, feel free to share and join the experience with them.  I not only want to contribute to the conversation between digital photography and technology, I also want to promote the interconnectedness that we all share as part of the human experience.    

All framed 14” x 14” pieces can be purchased from the artist or through Studio &, and include a physical Quick Response (QR) Code and archival inkjet print of the photo associated with the QR Code.   Each associated photograph is a limited, signed, 6.5” x 6.5” (edition of 5) archival pigmented ink jet print. All QR codes will remain active & accessible indefinitely. 

Scott Dye

July 2012