More Dudes Who Ruled (i.e., Money for hot dogs!)

The fine people over at the Durango Arts Center were kind enough to give me some money for making more art this winter!  Thanks to the DAC Microgrants Program my "Dudes Who Ruled" series of dictators and bad guy world leaders has been resurrected and I'll be adding ten more dudes to the fold for a final showing in 2015.  This also means I'm required to continue on with my #hotdoglife series on Instagram (a tough task indeed), which involves a weekly world leader documented with the world's greatest hot dog.

In honor of receiving such fine assistance for my artistic endeavors I've created a re-visioning of the Durango Arts Center logo (it's a good thing you guys don't let me run the show...) featuring plenty of things sure to shorten the life of anyone smart enough to take them on...  

And here's one of the first in the series, Glorious Mobutu ("The all-conquering warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, will go from conquest to conquest leaving fire in his wake") descending from the heavens on the evening news: 



Thanks again to the Durango Arts Center for helping to make this happen!