Morning Quickie (With Pop Skulls)

Holy fuck, where did August go?  Gallery related business at Studio & kept me working most of the month along with managing an understaffed frame shop and going on mini-weekend trips to the outside world for camping & exploring area hot springs with my favorite Photographer.  I've also been busy with new and ongoing projects including one I've taken to calling Pop Skulls.   Spending too much time on the commode thinking about the nature and ridiculousness of our cluttered consumerist culture and pop music got me started drawing tattooed skulls with pop star references (including their tattoos).  One thing I've discovered through my research is Pharrell William's sexy new album which I'm listening to as I type this blog post... Maybe it's not so new and I'm just behind on the pop charts, but it's pretty dang catchy and I fucking love it.  My sources also tell me (read: Google) that Pharrell wants to remove some of his tattoos through skin growth technology.  Ah well, below are the skulls I've started on so far (Bieber being the only completed one below), and I've got a special one I'm working on for our annual Day of the Dead Show at Studio & which I'll post when it comes time for the show in October.