Solo Show Next Friday!

Join me next Friday, June 20th (5-9pm) at Studio &

for an illustrated survey of

United States Presidents and World Dictators. 


World leaders

Guilty pleasures

Bad Habits



& The full line up of American Presidents as never before seen!

American Presidents have accomplished much in the history of our country including starting and finishing wars, selling the American public their new deals, square deals and fair deals (& Sometimes just plain bad deals).  They’ve seen us through tough times and easy times, they’ve pilfered the coffers, proffered their resignation, loved, lost, lied (& even done a few good things!), and boldly lead our country from a tiny colony of white guys stealing land to a rich world leader of white guys stealing land.  We are a country rich in Presidential history and culture, and our sworn leaders have worn many different hats throughout the history of our great nation (Truman even owned his own haberdashery).

Studio & is pleased to present a new show featuring the work of Scott Dye, entitled “Autocrats (& Other Dudes Who Ruled)” including 54 new ink and watercolor drawings, “Autocrats (And Other Dudes Who Ruled)” will showcase the complete lineup of American presidents proudly donning the headpiece made famous by ruffians, thugs, and cold weather outdoor enthusiasts alike.  Not to be outdone by our great Presidents, Autocrats (And Other Dudes Who Ruled) will also feature an illustrated survey of selected world leaders who dabbled in the world of perversity, awkwardness, and just plain weirdness while juggling their professional careers as dictators over their own oppressive regimes and wreaking havoc upon the world stage.