The Portland Relocation Program & Other News

After a period of self imposed blog silence (read; packing & moving), Hailey King and I are now residents of the fair city of Portland, Oregon.  We decided there wasn't enough traffic or rain in Durango, so we ripped off that bandaid and came out west to the land of stump and coffee.  Having lived there between 2007 & 2009, Portland has always been near and dear to my heart, so it's great to be back.  Durango has been an amazing place to call home for the last 12ish years and I was bummed to say goodbye to all of my friends and family there, but the Pacific Northwest called and I had to answer that call.  The move went smooth thanks to more than a few people who helped out (thank you!) and we rolled into town last week and are now settling into our new home and getting some much needed work done (as well as finding more work!), including working on new commissions and preparation for a group show in Denver in January (which I'll post on once I get the proper info from the gallery).  I'll also be looking for the best Chicago style hot dog in Portland so I can resume my Hotdog Life/Dudes Who Ruled series on Instagram and show at Studio & next June.  Sketches and hotdog reviews are on their way, so you can look forward to that.     

One of my recent commissions required a "gift certificate" as a method of conveyance (it's going to be a gift) - this is the first time I've done a gift certificate for a commission and it's been fun creating this one, which you can see below (for a painting of a panda similar to this guy).  On that same note, I'm available for more commissions and would love to paint a pop animal (panda or otherwise) or your mom in a ski mask.  Interested? send me an email and we'll work out the details and I'll even send you a custom certificate to give as a gift! 

In other news, Hailey's got some amazing calendars for sale here.  All photos in the calendar were taken by her and for every calendar sold, she's donating $5 to the National Farm To School Network (which is a great organization to support).  

And last but not least, I recently started an email list, and if you've ever been so kind as to purchase a work of art from me or just want to hear about future events including shows, new projects, and other art related nonsense (it won't be boring, I swear), you can fill out the form below.  And yes, I plan on selling all of your email addresses and personal information to Google, Facebook, and just about any other faceless corporation who will give me money (naturally, that's why I became an artist).  In all seriousness, I won't share your information, and will only send out the occasional email to let all of you amazing people know what's happening in my world.

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