Assassination Staycation; Lincoln Got The Short End of The Barrel

While the Rain Gods are angry at Colorado, I'm staying in and sketching/researching for my Presidential Assassination project and finding out all kinds of crap.  For instance, John Wilkes Booth used a Philadelphia Deringer - which was commonly misspelled "Derringer" at the time (Thanks for screwing that one up bad grammar, WTF?).  Booth's Deringer apparently was unusual in that the rifling twisted counterclockwise, rather than the clockwise twist used on a typical Philadelphia Deringer.  I've never used a "Deringer" much less a "Derringer", so this means close to nothing to me (but oh my how that's changing), although it's making me want to learn more about these nefarious little "muff pistols".  I'm not one for guns really, but anything that cracks and booms when a lever is pulled holds a certain level of fascination to the overgrown child that sometimes inhabits my body.    Also on the assassination subject, check out Sarah Vowell's "Assassination Vacation", I read this several years ago when it came out and it's calling me up about a re-read - it's a witty, well written read on three successful presidential assassinations (although she leaves out JFK; again, WTF?).  

My homemade marinara sauce needs attention (yeah, I do that kind of thing), so I'll leave you dear reader with an FBI photo of the Deringer that John Wilkes Booth used for his troublesome actions: