Morning Quickie (with beard!)

Despite the squabbling nature of our fair Government, the forces of the 40 hour work week, and the onset of what will surely not be a bitter winter, I've been busy (I know right?) adventuring in the mountains, getting ready for some limited edition print runs, reading about dead Presidents, and preparing for an art show this weekend in Gallup, New Mexico. As I have to get back to looking busy, I've included a morning quickie of an update (because there's nothing more satisfying than a quickie before work)...



Saturday, October 12 - Of The Trade opens at ART123 Gallery in Gallup, NM.  My studio mates and I are steeling our minds, nerves, and livers and going on the road with our art.  We'll be traveling to the exotic climes of Gallup, New Mexico to open Of The Trade at Art123 (123 Coal Ave).  It's going to be a floozie complete with a visit to a little watering hole known as The American (a true diamond in the rough).  If you're in Gallup (which you probably will be, right?) come say hello, have a beer with us, and check out some great art.  


I'm getting ready to release a run of limited edition prints from my Devil's Advocacy Group series, in which I lovingly detail the instruments of musicians that have purportedly sold their souls in exchange for musical prowess (which is highly debatable in some instances...).   I've also got camera prints from my Leica series available here.


Conde Nast Traveler wrote a fancy little article on "Why you should skip most Colorado souvenir shops" and featured Studio & as a not to be missed stop on your future Colorado vacation.  Apparently we're the only reason to stop in Durango, so instead of coming to Durango for an authentic west experience, come for the art at Studio &. Read the the article here.


OMG, my beard's getting bigger and bigger.  I may need to invest in some horse clippers soon.  At 2,200 strokes per minute I can't go wrong.