Guns, Cats, & Presidents Who I Wrongly Thought Were Fat

It's been a busy November - two shows at the Ampersand, the final CSArt Durango pick-up of the year, commissions, installations, deinstallations, dog walks, people walks, and somehow I still found time to pull out my oils and start two new paintings.  I also found a new house to live in with my girlfriend, which I'm super stoked on.  So much is happening it's hard to keep up.  December's coming up, and with that the Bizarre Bazaar, Noel Night, eggnog hangovers, and The Merry Mustache,  I'll be making more art, printing up holiday cards (I've got some real goodies in the works), and plenty of holiday carousing will be had.  I've been working minimally on the Presidential Assassinations, but I do have below, for you, dear reader, the gun that John Wilkes Booth used to assassinate President Lincoln:


The overall finished size of this one (including the frame) is 7" x 9".  You can expect a limited edition print run in the foreseeable future as well.  Editions will be limited to either the year of their death (or failed assassination attempt) or the presidential seat number.  I'm waffling on this one, but am leaning toward seat number (it just seems more fun that way).  

I'll be posting in the next week or so on the next president from the list - James A. Garfield, who I've always thought of as a fat man, most likely due to my childhood obsession with a cat of a certain portly stature.  Turns out our former President wasn't fat at all, he just had a fat beard.

Now for a few more updates: 

My art is now available in Chicago! I have a handful of original illustrations as well as limited edition prints, at Re-invent, a gallery and retail space in Lake Forest, Illinois.  If you're in the Chicago area, stop by and check 'em out!      

I'm also getting ready for the Bizarre Bazaar on December 13 & 14th at Studio &.  What's the Bizarre Bazaar? It's a Holiday Bazaar featuring local artists and their wares, and it's going to be a lively affair.  We'll be packing out the whole of Studio & with more than 25 local artists.  I'm going to have limited edition prints, cards, and small originals for sale at Christmas prices that won't break the bank.  I'll be releasing more info as we get closer to the dates, so stay tuned! 

I've revamped my online shop so hop on over and check out the goods here.  Also, Studio & has a new online shop where you can find art and prints from member artists (including myself) - check it out here.