The Devil's Advocacy Group - Prints & Other Felonies

Jesus had twelve disciples, but what about his oft-reviled counterpart the Devil?  Well, he had an advocacy group. Composed of the ones who joked about selling their souls, sold their souls, burned churches, made beautiful music and everything in between.

The originals were lovingly detailed in watercolor, ink, & graphite (and featured in "The Devil Is In The Details" at  Studio &).  Now you can get your hands on some limited edition prints lovingly detailed in archival pigmented ink that'll last a long time (maybe longer than you).  They're limited to an edition of six hundred and sixty six (per the dark lord's request), and printed on the finest 8.5" x 11" Canson Rives BFK paper - so svelte they look like the original watercolors they were printed from.  I've included a preview of the first three below (beware, Katy Perry's on the horizon...), and you can buy them online here or via the old fashioned way where you have to talk to people and hand over money (how physical!) at Studio & (1027 Main Ave) in Durango.


Niccolo Paganini. Robert Johnson, Varg Vikerness - advocates for the great whatever.

Niccolo Paganini. Robert Johnson, Varg Vikerness - advocates for the great whatever.

Niccolò Paganini & “Il Cannone” - Much of the music Niccolò Paganini played was considered so difficult that it was commonly thought that he made a pact with the devil - a rumor that Paganini himself sometimes encouraged.  After paying a gambling debt at the age of 15 with his Amati violin, Paganini received a Guarnerius del Gesu, which he named “Il Cannone” (The Cannon) after its powerful sound.  It was the violin that Paganini would play for the rest of his life.  

Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil to play the blues better than anybody else.  Some say he met the Devil at a crossroad near Dockery Plantation in Mississippi at midnight, where he handed his guitar over - The Devil tuned it and played a few songs before handing it back to him.  Years later Johnson died mysteriously after playing a country dance in Greenwood, Mississippi, where it’s been said he was given a poisoned bottle of whisky by the jealous husband of a woman he was flirting with.  One of the few photographs taken of Johnson pictures him with a Gibson L-1 Flat Top.

Varg Vikernes is a dangerous fellow - sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1994 for burning down several churches in Norway and stabbing another musician to death.  Varg’s out of prison now and making music again - using a Peavey PXD 23 to record Burzum’s most recent album - a pretty dark affair indeed.  He may not have sold his soul, or even acknowledge the Devil’s existence, but the Dark Lord’s got a friend in Varg.